AnnMarie Gallivan-CREATE Artisan Studio Owner, Artist & Devotee to all things creative

I am a mom, wife and devotee to all things creative. As a life long student of art and a practitioner of yoga and meditation for the past 17 years,  I have discovered how much better things can be when I'm in the present moment and not worrying about things I have no control over.

For me, being creative is a meditative process that always brings me into the present moment when the outside world starts to get a little out of control.  When I create, it is always with the intention to bring peace deep within the viewer's soul. I hope I have accomplished that and you enjoy my work as much as I enjoyed creating it. 

I bring that process to my teaching art to students for 6 to 106 - we all have the spark of creativity within us. It's my job to help you tap into that creativity and not judge the process. 

I currently live in Wakefield, Massachusetts with my husband and teenage daughter. Check out just a sampling of my work below or come by the studio to see it in person!

Boston Voyager Magazine Feature, June 2018